Human being need to see, we all need to see.

To see ourselves, our lives, our relations with the others, with the planet. The Earth wants us to see: She needs our eyes are open – this wonderful planet asks to be healed, to be respected.

Common idea is that people are divided in good and bad, that life is divided in right and wrong. Heaven and Hell.

Common idea is that inside of us there are good parts and bad parts, enemies. We all think that we have to fight against bad parts, supporting the good ones. That thought encourages a constant, inner friction, a fracture which divides our minds, our actions.

We need not to be afraid of those parts of our lives, not to be afraid of the others.

Bad is simply a good which is waiting for being healed.

We need only to see. The direct vision of our life, when gets calm and stable, when reveals what we are, at the same time opens us to be healed. Therefore a simple word, a simple act can be enough. A simple thought might create a universe.

But that thought, that word or act must begin from the center, not from the surface of ourselves.

So we need just to see that center. Moreover we need the courage to be true, to stay stable in front of what we have seen.

Awareness – that’s all we ask.