Yoga is an ancient tool – a mystery that is always existed.

Even if it arrived with the wind of the East, it doesn’t belong either to the East nor to the West, but it lives in every human being: its movement flows in everyone, its immobility rests in everybody.

Yoga is therefore what exists in an hidden form but is revealed.

The positions, or Asana, open to stillness, the absolute lack of motion. Breathing exercises bring you into the aware absence.

Through a space of deep listening, of movement, of rest, of relaxation, you will get to find out “what” you are, step by step. When finally you seat quiet, motionless, life teaches you how to be, gives you the opportunity of being.

Yoga is:

  • Asana (Positions);
  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises);
  • Mudra, Bandha e Kriya (symbolic Gesture, Seals and Purifing tecniques);
  • Nidra (deep Relaxetion);
  • Dharana (Concentration tecniques);
  • Dhyana (Meditation);
  • Svadhyaya (study of the Self)