Our Treatments

Zen Shiatsu

Traditional Japanese Massage, performed over a person’s clothing, without oil. Using thumbs or palms as means of pressure on precise anatomical points and using the bodies meridians to “channel energy”. The flow of Chi or “essential energy” can reopen and freely conduct a state of wellbeing throughout the body. Returning the body to its “center”, free of tension, increased perception and overall balance of body and mind.


Reflexology works on the feet to heal the whole person. Treating reflex points of the feet decongest the organs and systems of the body, allowing new energy to flow throughout the body. The treatment is very specific and targeted, can be extremely intense but not invasive. This treatment promotes optimal functioning of the internal systems, revitalizing and balancing the mind. It is ideal for athletes, especially prior to a competition or challenge. The elderly and those recovering from illness or injury also benefit greatly.

lknlknIndian Body and Head Massage

A gentle but deep massage, performed with warm oil and essential oils. Two personal ayurvedic programs; the first is totally complete and the duration is 60/80 minutes, the second involves only the face and the duration is 50 minutes. Both programs deeply stimulate and harmonize the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, and skeletal systems. Furthermore, the nervous system immediately benefits, a clear self-perception is found through relaxation, serenity, and vitality of life.

Massaggio Floreale

Work in progress.


Work in progress.